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I Went To Kansas City Night One of The Eras Tour & I Will Never Shut Up About It

It's been almost a week since Taylor Swift was in Kansas City and I was sitting in my lower-bowl seat at Arrowhead Stadium getting ready to watch her perform for over three hours. The Eras Tour far exceeded my expectations and then some. Not to mention I was there on the day Speak Now (Taylor's Version) was released... and Miss Swift definitely threw in some surprises.

The Eras Tour Pre-Show Events at Union Station in Downtown Kansas City


The night before the concert, my cousin and I went to Union Station in Kansas City where they had set up a couple of Eras Tour photo opportunities. I wore my Red Era outfit which is inspired by the 22 Music Video. After we took a quick photo, we headed to BRGR for some dinner, and stopped at SoT (a bar) for some drinks. SoT was SO CUTE and the drinks were delicious. After that, it was time for the main event of the evening: TaylorFest hosted by Perfect Night Productions. We left a little early so that we could go home and listen to Speak Now (Taylor's Version) in the peace and quiet of my house while we made friendship bracelets.

Eras Tour Friendship Bracelets and  Number 13 tattoos  on hands


I had been planning on sleeping in, but my body was excited and I was up by 9:00am. My sister went and grabbed donuts for us and we spent the morning listening to Speak Now (Taylor's Version) while making even more friendship bracelets and bejeweling sunglasses. I was SO nervous when we woke up because there was rain on the pavement and the sky was ominous, with a forecast calling for severe thunderstorms.

Outside Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City before Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour


To no one's surprise, I forced us to leave SUPER early because I was terrified of something going wrong and us missing the concert. The traffic getting into the stadium parking lot was backed up, so we finally were parked around 4:30. The doors to the stadium opened at 4:30, but no one in our group was getting merch, so we opened our cooler of drinks, set out some snacks and relaxed (and made TikToks....) I made everyone tell me what their final guesses were for surprise songs. My little sister guessed "Never Grow Up" correctly. A few of us guessed Long Live... which was technically correct because she added it to the setlist, but it was not a surprise song.

Once we got into the stadium we all had to go to the bathroom... And so did every other girl in the stadium apparently, because I have never seen a bathroom line that long in my life. (If you have not been to The Eras Tour yet, you need to mentally prepare yourself for that part.)

Pre-Show photos of The Eras Tour in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium

We were sitting in the third row of lower-bowl and it felt so close! We took some photos to remember the moment after the openers. Then... It was almost time for Taylor Swift to come out onstage. I had avoided spoilers of the opening of the show so that I could be surprised.

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Lover Set in Kansas City at Arrowhead stadium


It was amazing. It was loud. There was so much energy. I loved it.

Taylor Swift sings Long Live from Speak Now Taylor's Version in Kansas City on Koi Fish Guitar

Then we got to the Speak Now portion of the evening. Many of us may be familiar that there is only one Speak Now song on the setlist: Enchanted. After Enchanted is over on KC Night One, Taylor did not leave the stage... Instead, she whipped out the old Koi Fish guitar and sang LONG LIVE. Many of you probably know that this was the song I wanted more than anything as my surprise song, but she one upped us and added it to the setlist. I was fully sobbing.

Taylor Lautner comes out onstage at The Eras Tour in Kansas City

Alright, let's fast forward a little bit. It is now Surprise Song O'Clock, and Taylor decides that we will not be listening to the surprise songs quite yet, because she will be premiering the I Can See You music video live at our show. But she didn't just do that. She also brought out the cast of the music video onstage with her: Presley Cash, Joey King, and TAYLOR FREAKING LAUTNER. And then Taylor Lautner did a backflip and gave a very touching speech about Taylor Swift.

Once it was surprise song time, Taylor sang Never Grow Up on the guitar and When Emma Falls In Love (From The Speak Now Vault) on the piano. I was SO thrilled about both of those songs, especially When Emma Falls In Love because it is my favorite of the new vault songs.

The show was SO amazing and I could not have asked for a better experience. I am now having MAJOR post concert depression and wish I could go again.

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