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How To Plan The ULTIMATE Read-A-Thon

Whether you are planning a read-a-thon with friends, your social media followers, or you just want to set aside some dedicated time to read your TBR, here are some tips for planning the ultimate read-a-thon!

You may have heard of a read-a-thon before and may be thinking, "Isn't that for kids in school?" Yes and no. While some read-a-thons are used as fundraising events, in this blog post we will be talking about a personal read-a-thon that is more focused on reading for pleasure and setting and achieving personal reading goals!

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How to plan the ultimate read-a-thon


There are many different kinds of read-a-thons. Some consist of reading for 24-hours straight, while others are weekend-long read-a-thons. They can be done in person with a group of friends, or virtually through social media (think Instagram, TikTok, Facebook Groups, YouTube, or Goodreads.) The point is to have a set amount of time where you are reading without distractions.

Read-A-Thons can be a great way to set aside a dedicated amount of time for reading. This is great for people who might be behind on their reading goal for the year or just want some extra time to read books they've been meaning to get to. (If you're like me, you get overwhelmed by the amount of books there are to read in the world and the fact that you'll never be able to read all of them.)

When you do a Read-A-Thon, you can update your progress on social media or chat with others who are participating. However, if social media is not your thing, you can leave that part out. There are no rules!


  1. Decide how your Read-A-Thon will work. How long will your read-a-thon be? How many books do you plan to read? Or how many pages? How will you track your reading progress?

  2. Get your friends involved! One of the fun things about read-a-thons is being able to share your progress and thoughts with friends! Get others involved in your read-a-thon, either virtually (via social media) or in person.

  3. Think about the kinds of books you want to read. Since the goal here is to read a lot of books, you'll probably want to switch it up so you don't get bored. Try picking books by different authors, with different tropes, or in different genres. It can also be helpful to mix in some shorter books, instead of only choosing long books.

  4. Create a TBR List! What books do you want to read? Create a list of books that you'd like to read (and remember this is just a guide and not a rulebook! You can change the books you want to read at any time.) Do you own hard copies of these books? Do you need to get them on Kindle?

  5. Set a reading goal. What is your goal? Is there a certain number of books you're hoping to read? A certain number of pages you want to read?

  6. Try audiobooks! This is a way you can get work done around the house or go for a walk while you read, so you aren't "wasting" precious read-a-thon time. Try Audible Premium Plus and get up to TWO FREE audiobooks!

  7. Get the snacks ready. Remember that your brain needs fuel to function! And if you are taking your read-a-thon super seriously and want to optimize your reading time, prepare some casseroles ahead of time that you can throw in the oven at meal time!

  8. Set up the ultimate comfy reading spot. Set up a cozy spot with pillows and blankets on the couch, build a fort, lay a blanket on the lawn... Create the perfect reading environment for yourself. Personally, you can find me wearing this blanket sweatshirt...

  9. Take breaks as needed! A read-a-thon does not mean you have to read without sleeping.. at least it doesn't mean that to me. Make sure you take breaks to catch up on a tv show, go outside, or chat with loved ones.

  10. Share your progress! Update your progress on social media or your Goodreads account! Create a hashtag for your read-a-thon so people who have joined can also post alongside you. Chat with fellow readers participating in the read-a-thon.

  11. Get a buddy to read the same book as you! Make your reading time more fun and have a friend commit to reading the same books as you at the same time.

  12. Don't be afraid to leave a book unfinished if you aren't feeling it. The point of a read-a-thon is to have fun, so there is no point in forcing yourself to read a book you don't like.

  13. Get your self care time in! This is another time when audiobooks will come in handy. Take a long shower, wash your hair, use a calming body wash, do your whole skincare routine... All while listening to a book. Plus, then you can get into bed feeling nice and cozy, ready for more reading before you fall asleep!


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